Art for the Knowing Nose

PeterMost art relies on eyes or ears to be experienced. Peter De Cupere wants to engage your nose. The Belgian “scent artist” uses the smell of candy, cigarettes, garbage, grass, spices, even bodily fluids to illicit visceral reactions from his audience. “When you walk into an installation with scent, you cannot hide,” he says. My profile of him for the NYTimes Science section.


Google Goes After Autism

102151304-142090923.530x298 (1)For years, researchers have said that whole genome sequencing could help cure everything from Alzheimer’s to breast cancer. Now, Autism Speaks and Google are taking the idea for a spin, collecting, sequencing and storing the entire genomes of 10,000 autistic patients and their families. In this piece for (and one very early-morning appearance on Squawbox), I look at the $500 million effort and the scientist driving it, Dr. Stephen Scherer.


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