The Next Rogaine?

Not a bald man, courtesy of Latisse

There are two kinds of bald men: those who accept their fate with dignity and those who fight it kicking and screaming all the way. (You’ll never guess which kind I am.)  For the latter kind, every news story or Internet rumor about a breakthrough in hair growth represents a ray of hope. So you can imagine the excitement that Latisse, the eyelash-enhancing medicine, sparked when it came out in 2008. Turns out the stuff does work if you put it on your head, to a point, and the drug’s manufacturer, Allergan, is on the case. My story in Thursday’s Style section: Latisse, Not Just for Eyelashes Anymore.

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  1. Hi Douglas,

    I know this article is primarily on latisse, but I saw you mentioned that “Propecia is taken once daily), and does not seem to cause reactions in people who are allergic to minoxidil.”

    But this severely downplays the side effects of finasteride. Please reference the story and website below:

    I hope that in the future, if you choose to write about hairloss, that you include some of the dangers of Propecia (finasteride) in your article.

    Thank you

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