A Whiter Shade of Orange

One of the  stranger things I’ve done in the name of journalism is get a spray tan. It was sticky, smelly, and frankly, a little embarrassing (as are most things involving a tent, a photographer, and a room at the Bryant Park Hotel). Unfortunately, word (and, er, pictures) got around, and eventually I was called upon to put my knowledge to use a second time. Hence ‘Jersey Shore’ Without the Sun in today’s NYTimes Style section. Me: expert.

The most important thing to know about sunless tanners? There are a million products on the market and they all do the same thing. Some just contain more of the active ingredients than the others, plus a bunch of fragrances (to mask the smell) and moisturizers (to prevent streaking). Remember that next time you’re shelling out $40 for a 1.7 ounce bottle of the stuff.

I would like to stop writing about this now.

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