Don’t Steal My Dress

Is there anything worse than showing up to the prom to discover someone else is wearing your exact dress? Apparently not, because high school girls now regularly create Don’t Steal My Dress groups on Facebook in order to avoid just such a drama. But get this: Sometimes, the groups themselves lead to drama. Why is this not yet a reality show on Bravo?

From today’s NYTimes Style section: Upload a Prom Dress Photo, and Hope.


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  2. I work at a middle school where Facebook and MySpace drama runs rampant. Why is it not a reality show yet? Because it’s an absolute pain to deal with the fallout from wall postings. In addition, most drama (excluding adult couples feuding on their profiles) comes from teenagers who fight over and rebel against the dumbest issues known to man.

    Case in point: This year some of our girls on student council launched a mass protest against the school dresscode via Facebook. The upside: It actually worked. At least 20 girls participated. The downside: their reasoning. “They can’t do anything if we ALL wear hot pants to school!” Needless to say, there were many young ladies cramming the nurse’s office waiting for legging deliveries from their parents.

    Since online networking sites allows commenters the illusion of annonimity and invulnerability, I don’t think it will ever produce something more intellectual than hormonal ramblings.

    … I take it back. MTV or Fox would pick that reality show up in a second.

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