The McNuggetini

Alie and Georgia and my hand

Yes, it’s disgusting (trust me  – I had three), but that’s so not the point. Alie and Georgia, a pair of charming drinking buddies from Los Angeles, have achieved a sort of middling Internet fame with their short videos on how to make repugnant meat-based cocktails like the McNuggetini. Yet another example of how to go viral online. Be funny, be odd, and be attractive.

My story in the Styles section of today’s NYTimes: Mixing Meaty Cocktails with a Shot of Celebrity


Just in Time for 2007

OK, I get it: Your typical Eight O’Clock Coffee customer is “mature,” so a how-to-use-Facebook tutorial–just in time for the holidays–makes some kind of sense. No doubt there are some grandmas out there who are eager to interact with family on Facebook, but aren’t sure how to go about it. This is a nice little Christmas gift that Eight O’Clock Coffee has given those folks  (though one could certainly question what any of this has to with coffee).

Still, do yourself a favor and forget all that long enough to laugh at how awful this is. Because it is. Awful.

Thank God That’s Settled

Earlier this year, I wrote a story about the etiquette of “unfriending” people on Facebook, for which my editor and I actually had a debate over whether it should be “unfriend” or “de-friend.” I insisted it was the former, which is what we went with. But there were still a lot of people (commenters, actually) who insisted we were wrong. I mean people actually got kind of heated about this. For the record, Facebook had no official preference, and let’s be honest: Both words are pretty dreadful.

Well argue no more, social networking lexicologists. the Oxford University Press today selected “unfriend” as its word of the year. I would just like to go on record as saying that I backed the right pony. In your face, Angry Defriending Crowd.

I’m telling you, folks. Get on the “scoldier” bandwagon now.


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