All published items by Douglas Quenqua in 2009.

One Rude Turn Deserves a Swat

To Harvest Squash, Click Here

Guardians Of Their Smiles

The Phone Becksons: Got Game?

Holding Court

Dude, You Are So (Not) Obama

Potential Dangers of Do-It-Yourself

With Enough Soldiers, the Army Is Looking for a Few Good Officers

Hotseat: The Creator of Facebook’s Most Annoying App Explains Himself

So Young and Fabulous

Selling Cruises to Couch Potatoes in Real Time

Daffy’s Discounter of Clothes, Promotes a Rental Bargain

No Puzzle in the Paper? I’m Blank!

I Love You, Man (as a Friend)

Blogs Falling In An Empty Forest

How To Stand Out on One More Day Aimed at Volunteers

Are You Really Her?

Here, I’m Cutting the Cake, Here I’m In A Nightie

Tired Of Old Friends? A New Site Promises Strangers

Recklessly Seeking Sex On Craigslist

Does Bo Know He’s Top Dog?

Going For The Flip Side

Rolling With Her Friends

The Last One Standing

Ah, Yes, More About Me? Here Are ’25 Random Things’

Friends, Until I Delete You

Her Bulge, His Book, and their Plan B

New York Store’s Ads Play Funny and Rude, Like The City

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