All items published by Douglas Quenqua in 2007.

Little Love Among Matchmakers

As The Ball Drops, Dieting Companies Take Positions Nearby

What’s That Catchy Tune? A Song for Car Insurance Makes the Charts

Polishing Up The Apple in Applebee’s

Deeds and Deals



All items published by Douglas Quenqua in 2008.

Eating Healthy, Even At Your Desk

The Extended Life Of Monty Python

Good Deeds: The Backlash

Help for eBay Shoppers Who Can’t Spell

HSBC Sponsors Entire Issue Of New York Magazine

A Way To Save and Still Have Crisp Clothes

Folgers Markets A New Coffee to Cost-cutting Home Brewers

Picking Winners by the Popularity of Paraphernalia

Citi’s Sports Marketing Strategy Turns Its Focus to Stars-to-be

Tofu Noodles Get a Lift From Hungry-Girl.com

Forthright or Clueless? Kathie Lee Draws Fire

A Rare CD by Today’s Hot Boy Band: Bids Start at $160. Do I Hear $200?

The Vampires Are Coming, but Only After Months Of Warnings

The Force Lives On, As Do The Toys

Merchants Cheer Sunday Booze Sales As Blue Laws Fall

A Venerable Sports Paper Plays Catch-Up

To Create Its Hits, A Company Takes Its Toys On Tour

A New Twist On Balloon Sculpture

In A Weak Economy, Quirky Restaurant Ads Yield To Tried and True

Sending in the Marines (to Recruit Women)

Revising a Name, but Not a Familiar Slogan

Saying ‘Will You’ for Prizes, on the Web


All published items by Douglas Quenqua in 2009.

One Rude Turn Deserves a Swat

To Harvest Squash, Click Here

Guardians Of Their Smiles

The Phone Becksons: Got Game?

Holding Court

Dude, You Are So (Not) Obama

Potential Dangers of Do-It-Yourself

With Enough Soldiers, the Army Is Looking for a Few Good Officers

Hotseat: The Creator of Facebook’s Most Annoying App Explains Himself

So Young and Fabulous

Selling Cruises to Couch Potatoes in Real Time

Daffy’s Discounter of Clothes, Promotes a Rental Bargain

No Puzzle in the Paper? I’m Blank!

I Love You, Man (as a Friend)

Blogs Falling In An Empty Forest

How To Stand Out on One More Day Aimed at Volunteers

Are You Really Her?

Here, I’m Cutting the Cake, Here I’m In A Nightie

Tired Of Old Friends? A New Site Promises Strangers

Recklessly Seeking Sex On Craigslist

Does Bo Know He’s Top Dog?

Going For The Flip Side

Rolling With Her Friends

The Last One Standing

Ah, Yes, More About Me? Here Are ’25 Random Things’

Friends, Until I Delete You

Her Bulge, His Book, and their Plan B

New York Store’s Ads Play Funny and Rude, Like The City

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