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The Carbon Eaters

carbon-eaters-01While some researchers focus on developing alternatives to fossil fuels, others are dreaming up ways to suck the carbon out of the air, thereby returning us to a pre-Industrial Revolution atmosphere. One of these researchers is Peter Kelemen, a geochemist who showed that a certain kind of rock found in Oman (mostly) can not only suck carbon out of the air, but store it–harmlessly–forever. Seriously, it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

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Everywhere Oarfish

OARFISH-1-articleLargeTwo of these monsters washed up on the shore of California within a week of each other, offering local scientists a rare chance to study the legendarily mysterious fish firsthand. Good for them.

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The Narcissist Hunter

Does the U.S. have a narcissism problem, particularly the Millennials among us? Dr. Jean Twenge, social psychologist and author, has made a career off the idea, producing mountains of research that is endlessly cited by the media. Her work is compelling, but divisive to say the least, particularly among her colleagues. A profile for the New York Times Science section, Seeing Narcissists Everywhere.

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